What the World Needs Now

“This year, I want to worry less and love more.”  “My new goal is to love others as I love myself.”  “I just want to love God more.”  Worthy goals, all of them. But I wonder, what do these people think love is?  How will they know if they’ve done it?  If they are like...

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Measuring “Mic Drop” Moments

During a recent trip to Hobby Lobby, I happened upon a scene I wish I hadn’t witnessed. “I TOLD YOU TO STOP!” To my left, a young mother took a matter—and her child—in hand, her grip on his arm strong enough to lift him a few inches off the ground.  In the cart, a...

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Before We Were “Introverts”

Introvert.   Say what?!? Frowning, brows knit, I began taking the personality test again.  It just didn’t make sense.  I was a minister’s wife, a teacher, a public speaker. How could I possibly be an introvert? I talked easily with strangers, helped people make...

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