100 Days is a personal Bible study and all-in-one discipleship guide that makes it easy for Christians of all ages and spiritual maturity levels to go and make disciples, fostering significant spiritual growth in individuals and exponential numerical growth in the Church.

100 Days is a catalyst for something brand new–VIRAL DISCIPLESHIP.


100 Days challenges people to live 100 days for God’s glory alone and take others with them on the journey by forming 100 Days groups. 100 Days group leaders don’t teach, just facilitate discussion, so anyone can lead.  The 100 Days Discussion Group Guide contains questions that apply to all individual studies at once, making it easy for new group members to jump in and participate at any time. 

When a person finishes The Glory Experiment, they are encouraged to retake the challenge and start a new group of their own if they haven’t already.  When group leaders finish The Glory Experiment, they are encouraged to retake the challenge and either continue with their group or pass off leadership of that group to someone else and start a new one. 

By design, a single 100 Days group can continue indefinitely under new and changing leadership and should spawn new groups as it grows and divides and members accept the challenge to lead their own groups.


100 Days was written for everyone: Christians, non-Christians, men, women, teenagers, older children, and adults.  LifeWay Students published the book with teens in mind.  Revival typically breaks out among young people first, after all, but it doesn’t have to.

100 Days was written for students of ALL ages and backgrounds.


100 Days is an extremely versatile resource, suitable for almost any Bible study setting/opportunity:  individual, one-one-one, small group, large group, Church, campus, workplace, neighborhood, family, mission field, etc.

100 Days is perfect for personal spiritual growth.  Whether you are a non-Christian looking for answers, a new Christian figuring out where to start, or more mature Christian working to keep your walk fresh, 100 Days offers the jump-start you’re looking for. 

100 Days is perfect for outreach, evangelism, and instruction. Those biblical truths you want others to know and embrace, but can’t seem to work into conversation?  They’re in there!  Get it said by giving 100 Days as a gift.  Even better, go through the study with them.

100 Days is also perfect small group generation.  Churches and organizations can use it in place of normal curriculum for an ongoing program such as Sunday school or discipleship classes for 100 days.  During that time, members should be encouraged to continue attending regular meetings and inviting guests to those meetings while starting their own 100 Days groups in other settings.  Those who start 100 Days groups in others settings should then encourage the people they reach to connect with the originating church or organization.

At the end of a 100 Days emphasis, churches and organizations will need to choose whether they want to make new groups that formed in their midst during that emphasis permanent or assimilate new members into existing and/or new classes formed to accommodate such growth.  They may want to continue one or two 100 Days groups indefinitely to draw in new membership and reach new people even after they’ve returned to normal curriculum.

100 Days may also be used to plant new churches, start campus or workplace ministries, and/or help partner/mission churches grow.  The possibilities are endless.


100 Days was written in direct response to a perceived need for the global church to regain lost ground in the area of discipleship.  Handfuls of semester-long classes on highly specific topics that people may or may not relate to won’t do it.  Classes that can’t be joined late and are taught by the same handful of teachers over and over again on endless rotation won’t do it.

However, a curriculum that promotes organic growth of the church by the Holy Spirit through the mobilization of latent leadership while teaching a universally relevant and exciting truth just might.

100 Days is that curriculum!


There’s no time like the present!  Tip the right domino and be the one who sets God-sized things in motion.  


Click here to listen to Angela discuss the content of 100 Days and the implications of its use as a catalyst for viral discipleship. 


100 Days: The Glory Experiment, is available at Lifeway.com or Amazon.com!


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