Before We Were “Introverts”

Introvert.   Say what?!? Frowning, brows knit, I began taking the personality test again.  It just didn’t make sense.  I was a minister’s wife, a teacher, a public speaker. How could I possibly be an introvert? I talked easily with strangers, helped people make...

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The Conversationalist

“I’m really good at talking with adults,” I announced, proud of a recent heart-to-heart I’d had with a history teacher over a borderline grade. “Talking with or talking to?” my dad quizzed, his half-smile skeptical, but patient. Great.  Apparently, this was going to...

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My (NEW) New Year’s Prayer

I’m late to the game in doing this, I know, but this morning, I decided to make a list of the ways that God has blessed and proven his faithfulness to me and my family in 2015 so I could be as specific as possible when thanking Him for it.  As I did, a verse came to...

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When One Won’t Do

I hate needles!  Not a little bit, but with everything that I am.  Think I’m exaggerating?  To me, the worst thing about childbirth—and my daughter was born sunny side up, for those of you who know anything about back labor—was the IV, and the very idea of voluntarily...

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