Bring them home!

“I just don’t see how they could act like that and call themselves a Christian.” This is a dangerous line of thinking (if I’m talking to you, I’m talking to me) because it puts those of us who think it on the judgment seat, something Jesus didn’t even presume to...

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Too Big, Too Beautiful

For months, I’ve sensed the Holy Spirit leading me to pray in a very a specific way over Falls Creek youth camp (my husband Todd is the Program Director).  This year’s theme is GLORY, and I felt warned that we shouldn’t expect God to glorify Himself in any specific...

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“Rain, rain…”: Wanting God

When the ground is hard, the fields won’t yield, and the cattle are parched for lack of water, we love rain.  We talk about it.  We look for it.  And when it comes, we welcome it. But when the grass is green, the crops are plentiful, and every thirst is quenched, we...

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“God, help us win.”

When I was little, I played soccer and loved it.  Not to brag or anything, but in the third grade, I played an entire game as the only defensive player besides the goalie.  Okay, that’s bragging, but that was my peak, so I hope you’ll forgive me. Hah!  Anyway, I...

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