My (NEW) New Year’s Prayer

I’m late to the game in doing this, I know, but this morning, I decided to make a list of the ways that God has blessed and proven his faithfulness to me and my family in 2015 so I could be as specific as possible when thanking Him for it.  As I did, a verse came to...

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When One Won’t Do

I hate needles!  Not a little bit, but with everything that I am.  Think I’m exaggerating?  To me, the worst thing about childbirth—and my daughter was born sunny side up, for those of you who know anything about back labor—was the IV, and the very idea of voluntarily...

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On “Keepin’ it Real”

“Let your conversation be always full of grace…” Colossians 4:6 Ouch! Can I just tell you? My heart is still throbbing from the conviction this verse brought to my heart this morning, and a story comes to mind, one that a young college friend of mine shared a few...

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“Drop it!” The command came from down the street.  My neighbor and his three-year-old son were giving the family van yet another cleaning.  Scolding myself for having no desire to follow their example, I leaned deep into the trunk of my car to fetch the green bean...

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The Hunt

“Dey not is lions!” A tiny, but angry voice came from behind us.  My daughter Hope and I turned nonchalantly to side-eye the tantrum we felt sure would follow such an emphatic proclamation and bit our lips to keep from laughing at what we saw. A two-year-old towhead...

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